Fix Your Tix

Fairly priced and safe ticketing, powered by EOS.


  • Safe against fraud

    As Tixico is based on blockchain technology, it is impossible to fraud tickets. Each of them is recorded to the blockchain and assigned to an owner that prevents tickets from being duplicated or frauded.

  • Protected from ticket scalpers

    Event organizers can set price range limits on the second hand market as well as how many tickets one user can purchase in total, thus protecting from ticket scalpers.

  • Event

    Detailed insight on who went to your event, how tickets were moved in the second-hand market and additional information that helps improving events and its marketing campaigns in the future.

  • Secondary market commissions

    Thanks to blockchain technology, it is possible for organizers to receive a fee every time a ticket is sold on a second hand market.

  • Improved upselling

    When a user is viewing the purchased tickets, it is possible to promote upselling options. The user can then seamlessly add extra options (like parking) to the ticket before the event.

Explainer video

You can check out our short explainer video on the left. If you liked what you saw and would like to be a part of the early adopters of tixico, then click on the button below.

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— Motivated talents

Motivated talents

  • Normunds
    Normunds Vucāns
    Sales and management
  • Krists
    Krists Kreics
    Technical lead
  • Stefan
    Stefan Esser
  • Luize
    Luize Jansone
    Marketing manager
  • Reinis
    Reinis Anziķis
    Lead designer
  • Ainars
    Ainars Kreics
  • Nardelli
    Andrea Nardelli

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