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Fairly priced and safe ticketing, powered by EOS.

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  • Safe against fraud

    As Tixico is based on blockchain technology, it is impossible to fraud tickets. Each of them is recorded to the blockchain and assigned to an owner that prevents tickets from being duplicated or frauded.

  • Protected from ticket scalpers

    Event organizers can set price range limits on the second hand market as well as how many tickets one user can purchase in total, thus protecting from ticket scalpers.

  • Event

    Detailed insight on who went to your event, how tickets were moved in the second-hand market and additional information that helps improving events and its marketing campaigns in the future.

  • Secondary market commissions

    Thanks to blockchain technology, it is possible for organizers to receive a fee every time a ticket is sold on a second hand market.

  • Improved upselling

    When a user is viewing the purchased tickets, it is possible to promote upselling options. The user can then seamlessly add extra options (like parking) to the ticket before the event.

Crowdfunding — Unique feature to Tixico

Everyone can try to crowdfund their event on the Tixico platform. If they succeed, all of the investors can receive profit from the event proportional to their investment. To prevent fraud, Tixico token owners can engage in voting and even assign event moderators that distribute money to specific causes etc.


These companies have signed up to ensure the success of Tixico.

Light application

You can check out our pilot application by clicking on the image on the left. This application runs in test environment and will be migrated to production in August 2018.

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— Latest news

Latest news


— Motivated talents

Motivated talents

  • Normunds
    Normunds Vucāns
    Sales and management
  • Krists
    Krists Kreics
    Technical lead
  • Stefan
    Stefan Esser
  • Luize
    Luize Jansone
    Marketing manager
  • Reinis
    Reinis Anziķis
    Lead designer
  • Ainars
    Ainars Kreics
  • Nardelli
    Andrea Nardelli


— Best counsel

Best counsel

  • Brett
    Brett Richey
    CEO at BlitzPredict
  • Kristaps
    Kristaps Mors
    CEO at Power Mining
  • Olafs
    Olafs Saulriets
    CEO at Passport Productions


  • Idea creation

    September 2017

  • Team assembled

    January 2018

  • Ethereum demo release

    May 2018

  • Switch to EOS

    June 2018

  • Pilot project

    July 2018

  • Light application release

    August 2018

  • Token release

    Q4 2019

Frequently asked questions

  • Why does Tixico need a separate token?

    First, the token is used to provide a layer of self-regulation for the protocol. Second, the token is used to power most of the interactions between the smart contracts in the Tixico ecosystem.

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  • What is the main difference between Tixico and other blockchain ticketing solutions?

    The first main difference between Tixico and all other blockchain-based ticketing solution is our crowdfunding system. The second one is the fact that Tixico is based on EOS, which means that we can provide better usability and scalability.

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  • Why is the starting market the Baltic States?

    There are three main factors why Baltics will be the starting market for Tixico. First of all, it is a rapidly developing region, with some of the fastest Internet speeds in the world as well as a high adoption of mobile payments. Secondly, this market is big enough to test and develop the Tixico application and will start being profitable while also being small enough to be a launching pad for other markets. And lastly, for the last ten years our team has worked in both music and sports industries in the Baltics and thus have gathered lots of contacts who have become part of our initial client base.

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  • Can I use Tixico for my event?

    Seven companies already have signed up to use Tixico as their ticketing provider once it's released in 2019. If you'd like to join them with your events or discuss the possibility of having earlier access to the platform, please message us at [email protected]

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  • How can I get notified about Tixico?

    Sign up for updates in the form below.

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  • I read everything, but still have some questions. Where can I ask them?

    We will happily answer any inquiry via Telegram, you can find the link below. Also, you can send us your questions to [email protected] and we'll get back to you as soon.

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